Sofa cleaning service in cannaught place

Sofa cleaning service in Cannaught place

Most of us think that home is spotless from all the sweeping and mopping, but why don't you count on cleaning your sofa. One study really makes surprise that the arm of your sofa contains twelve times more germs and bacteria than a fridge door handle. It is not possible to visible by the naked eye the dust mites, allergens, and microorganisms that can affect one's health and wellbeing. Regularly upholstery cleaning not only removes these impurities & allergens but also extends the life of your sofas. Experts recommend cleaning your sofas once every six months. If you search for a top-notch sofa cleaning service in Cannaught place, you can rely on Dominant Services.

Why should you choose Dominant services for sofa cleaning service in Mandi House?

When it comes to health, we should not take it easy. Dust in your couches can lead to sneezing or coughing and breathing issues for your family members & guests. At Dominant Services, we have a team of professional cleaners equipped with the right tools, equipment, and techniques to perform their job with peace of mind. Instead of using the harmful chemicals, our insured & experienced technicians give priority to environment-friendly products that work incredibly to go deep into the fibers of your sofa, extracting and cleaning out any dirt.

  • Sofa Cleaning Service in Pusa Road:

    Leather fabric-based sofa cleaning seems like a daunting task without expert cleaners that demands essential knowledge and skills. Here at Dominant Services, we are a pioneer for the others in this competitive industry and constantly improve our service. Our skilled professionals have long years of experience to clean all fabrics sofas with the desired solution. Our professionals don't change your home settings and don't affect other home appliances.

  • Sofa cleaning service in Barakhamba Road:

    We know that dust and allergens can easily trap in the carpet fibers that can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health issues. Here at Dominant services, our professional cleaners eliminate these allergens and leave the carpet's surface thoroughly sanitized.

What can you expect from our expert cleaners during the sofa cleaning service in Patel Chowk?

Our professionals ensure that every job will be done with perfection, and you can call us for a free consultation and quote. Our best cleaners carefully extract the soil components trapped in your couches, such as food crumbs, body grease, dust, dirt particles, and microorganisms.

Sofa cleaning 199/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || Only Seat 70/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || With Back 100/- Per Seat
Office Chair Cleaning 100/- Per Seat
Setty cleaning 130/- Per Seat
Small Cushion Cleaning 30/- Per Cushion
Large Cushion Cleaning 50/- Per Cushion
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Frequently Asks Questions

It refers to a process of cleaning the fabric of your sofa, such as vacuumed, rinsed, and vacuum dried, etc.

It is highly recommended to contact the service provider and will help you clear all the doubts.

Stubborn stains and unpleasant smells or odor can create a health issue for your family members. When you hire professional cleaners, they will remove all stains deeply and expertise in dealing with stinks.

It is highly suggested that you should not to rub or scrub; otherwise, the condition worsens. Contact Dominant services for assistance quickly.

Here at Dominant Services, our prices are competitive that can easily match your budget and requirement, and we don't impose any hidden charges on our customers.