Sofa cleaning service in dwarka

Sofa cleaning service in Dwarka

Your couch in your house not only enhances the beauty of your home but also provides a comfortable seating arrangement. Whenever we talk about furniture, the image of sofas first emerges in our mind. Whether the house is small or big, in today's time, it is an integral part of everyone's house which easily attracts everyone's attention. If you want to use them for a long time, you also have to pay attention to their maintenance and equal cleanliness. Being a top leader in this industry, Dominant Services provides its customers with high-quality cleaning facilities at affordable prices that easily fit your budget.

Why is it necessary to clean the sofas?

Over time, layers of dust make their way under the seats of your sofas which can tarnish the image of your home. It not only promotes allergies, sneezing, and skin diseases at home but can also embarrass you in front of your guests. The situation may worsen if a member of your household suffers from allergies and asthma. Dominant Services is India's fastest growing sofa cleaning service provider that helps you maintain the beauty of your sofas and perform rapid cleaning tasks possible without damaging the delicate fabrics of your couch.

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Our cleaning experts are equipped with modern equipment that effectively removes viruses and germs from hidden places and helps carry out tasks faster. The removal of grease, oil, alcohol stains, dog urine smell from the couch's surface is a difficult task that is not possible to remove with ordinary soap or surf. People today prefer to hire sofa cleaning service providers because they have mastered this task and use high-quality cleaning products like Dominant Services.

After serving, they do not leave any residue behind, and you can use your sofas after a few hours. They are customer-friendly and provide the quote before their services, so you can get an overall idea estimate to manage your budget. With the high-powered extraction method, our professionals penetrate the material removing any stain, dust, or dirt, and sanitizing and deodorizing the upholstery material. Our client satisfaction is our primary concern, and we leave you with a smile. Take our service first and see the difference.

Sofa cleaning 199/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || Only Seat 70/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || With Back 100/- Per Seat
Office Chair Cleaning 100/- Per Seat
Setty cleaning 130/- Per Seat
Small Cushion Cleaning 30/- Per Cushion
Large Cushion Cleaning 50/- Per Cushion
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Our sofa cleaning service will cover

  • Remove stubborn stains & unpleasant odors
  • Extend the life of your sofa
  • Preserve sofa color
  • Eliminate household dust and dust mites
  • Use of environmental-friendly products
  • 100% customer satisfaction

We know that one size does not fit all, so which cleaning method is appropriate for your sofa depends on the material your couch is made of? Your sofa not only affects by stains and dirt but also invites bacteria and allergens. These are not possible to visible to the naked eye and pollute our indoor air quality and health. You can rely on Dominant services professionals who always upgrade with the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.

Don't miss a chance to get an affordable & reliable sofa cleaning service in Janakpuri from experienced cleaners. They use effective cleaning techniques and equipment to preserve your sofa's beauty.


Frequently Asks Questions

You can ask the service provider in 24 hours advance. For more details, kindly contact them.

We support the environment; that why we apply certain upholstery cleaning products that do not create an irritation issue.

We are quick, highly responsible, and our customer satisfaction is vital to us. Our professionals understand your requirement before performing their job.

We have certified and insured professionals who receive extensive training on dealing with stubborn stains on the soft fabric of the sofa. To know more, contact us.

Simple cleaning is not enough to get rid of this issue. Our professionals apply practical techniques to remove these stains and the unpleasant smell quickly.