Sofa cleaning service

Sofa Cleaning Service in South Delhi

At present, the sofa is the pride of every house, which contrives your home attractive and gives a comfortable feeling. Our emphasis is only on decorating the house; we forget that we also have to clean our sofas regularly. If we ignore the cleanliness of our sofas, they become centers of dust, soil, allergens. If you have children and pets in your house, they sit on the couches without cleaning the feet, and the puppies can also urinate, which can cause severe stink obstacles. You should contact an experienced cleaning service provider.

We comprehend that simple cleaning is not adequate because you cannot eliminate these issues from soap and surf used in homes. For this, you will urge special tools and cleaning products, on which you need to spend a considerable amount. Get in touch with Dominant Services for a staunch and cost-effective sofa cleaning solution. Our cleaning approach and processes give a guarantee of sofa upholstery fresh and hygienically clean. It can be a perfect intention to extend the life of your home's sofa.

Whether you require a sofa cleaning service in South Delhi and its nearest locations, search for:

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Sofa cleaning 199/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || Only Seat 70/- Per Seat
Dining Chair Cleaning || With Back 100/- Per Seat
Office Chair Cleaning 100/- Per Seat
Setty cleaning 130/- Per Seat
Small Cushion Cleaning 30/- Per Cushion
Large Cushion Cleaning 50/- Per Cushion
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Why should you take on sofa cleaning service in South Delhi?

If you have no experience in cleaning the sofas, this can damage the fabric of your sofas. In the absence of adequate cleaning equipment, you cannot take out the dust inside the sofas. Here at Dominant Services, our skilled & licensed cleaners always carry the essential cleaning equipment and upgraded with the latest techniques to cater to your requirement beyond expectations. Our technicians ensure that their work is done without damaging the clothes. Here at Dominant services, we feel proud to be the professional furniture cleaners that remove an average of 99.1 of common household allergens through advanced cleaning methods.

Our licensed technicians apply Eco-friendly or upholstery chemicals that are safe & secure for your family and children. Deep cleaning, dry vacuuming, rubbing, vacuum with suction are the various cleaning steps that help you overcome multiple health issues such as unpleasant smells, stains, dust, dirt, and allergens. Here at Dominant Services, we aim to give 100% satisfaction to our clients and don't need to pay for any hidden fees. During the entire process, if you have any queries, feel free to ask our experienced technicians. We follow all industry rules & regulations during our service.


Frequently Asks Questions

Sofa cleaning plays a vital role in improving the appearance of your couches. It eliminates stains, odor, dirt, and grime to restore the beauty and extend the life of your sofas.

Of course, Dominant services offer the best sofa cleaning services in South Delhi at the lowest price. Their winning strategy can provide you optimal results beyond expectations.

According to the experts, It should be done at least once or two every two years. When you find a musty smell or stubborn stains on your couches, you must appoint an expert cleaner to perform this job.

Here at Dominant Services, we are 24 hours getatable for our adorable customers and allows you to book a service as per their requirement.

One of the best ways to search for a reliable service provider is to check previous customers' reviews and ratings. It can help you find the right one in the crowd.